I say "sorry" to our newborn son 100 times a day

One thing that I was never warned about when becoming a new mom was that I would be saying “I’m sorry” to my newborn son multiple times throughout the day. I probably say “I’m sorry” about 100 times a day. No, I’m serious.  


Case in point:

Good Morning Evan Jr. Let’s take a bath. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that your bath water was too cold. And I’m sorry for accidentally grazing you with my nail when picking you up out of your bath. And while we're on the topic, I'm sorry for not cutting your nails perfectly so that you wouldn't cut yourself when crying.

I’m sorry for not getting to you fast enough after your nap (I was just using the restroom while brushing my teeth and checking my email-no biggie). I’m sorry that you were crying due to being hungry and not because you wanted to be held.  I’m sorry that I didn’t moisturize your back (and now I see dry patches). I’m sorry I bumped your head...again. I’m sorry that you have to walk around with a poop stain on your back because the restaurant had no proper changing station for me to change your clothes (#reallife). I’m sorry I didn’t see that small eyelash in your eye that’s been irritating you ALL day. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’M SORRY!

I have a feeling those sorry’s are only going to multiply as the years go on.

As I reflect on my many mistakes as a new mom...I learn how often his cries are justified due to me simply being imperfect. He needs something and it’s my job to figure it out. However, due to my imperfections, often times I mess up in doing so.

And yet…

                       God never messes up.


Now that I’m a parent, knowing that God is a perfect Father is honestly mind-boggling. Sometimes I make the mistake of seeing the fallenness of this world and unconsciously attributing its fallenness to a feature of my God. That is simply not the case. He is a perfect Father, even in a fallen world. By fallen I mean the result of a once perfect Earth now being filled with sin, relational strife, disease, spiritual warfare, natural disaster, etc. Oh, how I can't wait to inhabit the new Earth (Revelation 21). Even in the midst of all the aforementioned, God is perfect. And His ways are perfect.  There is not one thing that He does for His child that is imperfect. Not one.

Can you just sit in that? If you are a believer, You have a Perfect Father.

He doesn’t need his coffee in the morning to effectively hear your prayers. He doesn’t need to scratch His head and wonder how He is going to provide for You, because He created every single thing.  He doesn’t need to be a doctor in order to diagnose the cause of your emotion, physical ache, or spiritual angst. Why? Because He is all-knowing. He doesn’t wonder how He is going to fulfill His promise to You, because He is all powerful. He doesn’t need to frantically map out your future, because He knew your ending before He even created the foundations of the Earth.

Yep, He’s just that perfect.


Therefore anytime He commands you to do anything or allows something to come your way that you simply don’t like, you have absolutely no reason to act as though God owes you an apology. He simply doesn’t. Even when living in a fallen world, He is able to make every single thing work together for our good (Romans 8:28). That’s just how perfect He is. If it were left up to me, you'd probably be praying for years and getting no answer because I'd be asleep.


When unwelcomed circumstances occur or “delayed” promises fail to come to fruition in your own timing, do your actions display the unconscious belief that God owes you an apology? If so, share more details below on exactly how and how you tend to overcome this lie on a day-to-day basis.